Tomatoes Will Save Your Life!

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Tomatoes Will Save Your Life!

As one of the world’s most commonly eaten vegetables (or fruit, depending on your viewpoint), tomatoes can be served in countless different ways. Luckily for all of you who enjoy a slice of tomato on your sandwich, or marinara sauce on your pasta, tomatoes is an extremely healthy vegetable. One of the benefits of tomatoes is that they provide our bodies with a number of different nutrients and vitamins which help us stay healthy and assist in a number of different functions all throughout. The next time that you are trying to decide on another slice of tomato, considering these different facts will make you want to pile the juicy, red vegetable on.

Tomatoes Will Save Your Life!

Nature’s Cancer Fighters

Tomatoes have been proven in a number of different medical studies to have a positive effect on how our bodies fight off cancer cells. One benefit of tomatoes is that they are rich in the nutrient lycopene which acts as an anti-oxidant protecting our bodies. This lycopene has been shown to reduce and prevent stomach, colorectal and prostate cancer. Scientists believe that the lycopene actually acts as a barrier, preventing the cancer cells from spreading and multiplying. Another good thing about tomatoes that sets them apart from most other vegetables is the fact that the amount of lycopene in them increases when you cook the tomatoes (as many vegetables lose nutrients when cooked), so feel free to pile on that marinara sauce.

Great For Your Heart

Thanks to a number of different vitamins that are jam packed into each juicy tomato, these red vegetables can help your heart run healthier and pump blood more efficiently throughout your body. High levels of niacin, vitamin B and potassium assist your body in naturally reducing your blood pressure and helping to eliminate unwanted high cholesterol levels. While it is said that an apple a day will keep the doctor away, perhaps this would have been a better suited alternative thanks to the benefits of tomatoes.

Affordable Skin Care

If you’re used to buying expensive, over the counter skin care treatments, perhaps you don’t have to any more. Lycopene, that wonderful cancer fighting antioxidant crammed into tomatoes, also works wonders for your skin. In fact, many popular skin treatments are full of the chemical. Peeling tomatoes and pressing the inside of the tomato’s skin to your skin for about ten minutes will leave your skin looking fresh and feeling healthy. Don’t mind any red coloration that is left behind – it will wear off quite quickly.

Great Source Of Vitamin A

Adding to the list of benefits of tomatoes is a healthy serving of vitamin A. Vitamin A is one of the essential vitamins that we should be consuming every day. Vitamin A assists our eyes in functioning and regularly consuming appropriate levels of this vitamin will help you see better and also improve your vision at night. Vitamin A is also important in the growth of healthy, radiant hair. It will fortify your hair making it stronger as well as increasing the shine by brightening the dull look of unhealthy hair. In addition to these benefits, vitamin A also assists in tomatoes’ skin care properties as well as bone and tooth strength.

No matter what your diet consists of, it would be wise to ensure that you are getting a proper amount of tomatoes in it. Most experts recommend consuming a minimum of between eight and ten servings of the red vegetable a week. After seeing some of the scientifically tested benefits of tomatoes, perhaps you’ll indulge yourself with a little extra tomato on your salad or sandwich. Thanks to the diverse number of ways to prepare tomatoes, even the pickiest eaters can usually find a way to consume just a few more servings.

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